What is GiversForum ?


The whole essence of human existence is GIVING. For as long as heaven and earth remain, sowing and reaping time shall never cease. GIVERS FORUM helps you to be a gift to your generation and kill GREED, What you don’t need now, DO NOT KEEP, It may end up being somebody’s next level.

GIVERS FORUM is not a bank, GIVERS FORUM does not collect your money, GIVERS FORUM is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. GIVERS FORUM is a community where people help one another to own houses, buy brand new cars, acquire quality education and do well in life. GIVERS FORUM gives you a technical platform which helps millions of participants in Nigeria and African nations to connect those who NEED help to those who are ready to PROVIDE help, for FREE. All transferred funds to another participant are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. We welcome you to our World.

Among other communities of its type it stood out with many benefits that can guarantee that it would remain the best and the last.  Its benefits over other counterparts will be revealed here.

1. Registration Bonus

Have you ever wondered why some other communities need to dash out so much on registration? Giversforum don’t, so as to make the system last longer. This is so nice to me considering how the percentage increase of earnings are been generated as explained by one of the communities.


2. Referral Bonus

Referring members to the community is your additional contribution to its growth although it’s not a compulsory task. The overwhelming part of this is that they, out of others ensured delivery of this promise till 4th generation. They issues from 10% to 1% on the train. You just have to earn as a referral unlike failure to fulfil the promise by other counterparts but instead giving it to guiders that are the most useless of their community while it can be evenly shared among the active participants. In GF, all participants are boss, guider, manager, call it anything.


3. Period of Frozen Earnings

Waiting for mavro day on one of the other communities is sometimes a thing of heart attack, you can simply withdraw your earnings any day after a frozen period of a week. It so far has the shortest period of frozening earnings.

4. Growth of Referral Bonus

Another way gf has stood out well is the no-deductive calculations on referral bonus. They also ensure no growth on it as its a very good initiative for making the system better than the rest. This is so accepted by me after review the mode of generation of earnings.

5. Fake Proof of Payment is a thing of Past

Not only uploading of POP would be a thing of past, delay n payment would also be greatly controlled. It is time the sender has to convince the receiver for proof upload early to avoid being blocked. Some participants that feel 48hrs is too such to provide help for other participants that needs help won’t want to see this but GF is just too good for this idea.

6. Easy of Access

Websites that when visited displays HTTPS are secured websites. Using other authentication methods are just ways of causing inconveniences sometimes. Giversforum has a very secured and easy to access website, you don’t need to think of which browser to use as 8t supports all types of browser.


7. You can ask about things you would love to know in the comment space.

To learn more about giversforum and how its works, follow this post on Naijatech.