When a participant decided not to pay you but upload fake teller/pop, there is a quick way to get solution to that right now.

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After the person has already uploaded the fake proof of payment, POP/teller, the count down time will stop and the MMM system will be expecting that you should confirm the evidence since that is the way the system was designed to work if not for the bad folks trying to misbehave to cheat others of their money.

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The steps below highlight what you can do to quickly get solution and probably matched with another participant that will pay you:

1. Click on the Get Help order in which the person already uploaded the fake POP.

2. Click on Extend payment. On the reason for extension, write fake POP/teller. If it ask you to upload file, you can upload your bank balance or something related to your bank account or record. By doing this, MMM admins is being informed about your matter and they can come to help you out quickly.

You can also write in the message chat box of the GH order so that support can see what is happening and come to your rescue quickly. Also, you can create a ticket at MMM support to write about your experience

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I will also advice participants not to PH down if they know they don’t have the money if they are asked to go pay within days, 1week. This will prevent a situation where you will be thinking of uploading fake teller. We should also try to communicate with participants so as to create a mutual understanding if possible.