MMM has been around for sometimes now and has really worked for every participants. Around December 2016, MMM managers announced via participants Personal Office(PO) that they will be going on break till sometimes around January 2017(Jan 14) here in Nigeria. Their reason being that many participants are willing to collect back their money all at the same time probably due to the festival period of the end of year and only few are ready to pay into the system that is Get Help(GH) is more than Provide Help(PH).

TOPIC: MMM issues as regards moratorium, not being matched for GH and solution to mmmm moratorium

I will be highlighting below 3 reasons why MMM may not function again/crash by January 2017.

1. Unsustainability

The payout/money given to MMM managers and top admins like top guider will sooner or later crash the MMM system. It is the major reason why MMM will not rise again by january. The problem of having heavy/huge monthly, bonus, payout for top guiders will cause the MMM system to crash. Imagine guiders collecting thousands, millions of naira per month not because they are doing any serious thing but because they are guider. That is one reason I will encourage everyone to participate in GetHelpWorldwide, it is a sustainable system that is fair.

2. Fear

There is fear in the mind of both existing participants of MMM that have their money hanging in the system and those participants willing to join if not for the freezing/pause mode activated in MMM. Once there is enormous fear, people will no longer be putting their money into MMM which will definitely destroy or crash the MMM system.

Topic: All MMM related topics, how to, question and answers, etc about MMM

3. Media Reports

The news media is seriously cashing on propaganda in order to benefit by carrying all kind of fake news about MMM. News media is one of the major factor that will destroy MMM finally and make it to crash. Media is the one responsible for disseminating all kind of news so as to cause panic among MMM participants and new comers into MMM. They have been the one causing trouble for MMM all this while.

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