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How Ultimate Cycler works

Ultimate Cycler is a simple and straightforward way you can make money online. It is not complicated. All you have to do is register and send N12,500 to the person the system will match you to send the money to. The person you will pay to may or may not be the person you registered through his referral link. When you pay the N12,500 and the person you paid to has confirmed your payment on the website, you are now qualified for the system to start matching you with 4 people who will pay you N12,500 each… Making a total of N50,000. After you have been matched with 4 people that will pay you, you can “Recycle” (that is, the system matches you with whom to pay to again in that same account and you pay and start receiving the 12,500 x 4 = N50,000 payments again) or you can upgrade to level 2. But there are not people in other levels, so you might want to stay at level 1 and keep recycling and collecting N50,000 for each cycle.

Does Ultimate Cycler pay?

Personally speaking: Yes, because am into it and I have seen and believed! An the interesting thing is that you can still make money even without getting any referrals but have spillovers coming your way. See my account when I started newly. 10 hours after I registered I got matched with two people even before I started registering people. So, that is why I believe that people can get paid even without getting referrals, but I think it basically depends on whom you used his regerral link to register – that is, how active the link is.

The below picture reveals how ultimate cycler works, go through it carefully to fully understand how Ultimate Cycler works.

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Ultimate Cycler Illustration

You can register for Ultimate Cycler by clicking on this link.

What is a 2X2 Cycler?

A cycler is a style of compensation plan the rewards the members that work the program and does so in a very fast way. It is a “top heavy” program meaning that 100% of the commissions are on only 2 levels and each level of the 2 levels and only have two positions wide. This 2 wide and 2 deep for a total of 6 members. You get paid when anyone, at any time and any way, lands on any of your 4 bottom row positions (3-4-5 or 6). They will see you as the person to pay for the product sale and you list how you would like to pay by filling out your profile payment options in your back office. They then pay you and you mark the sale as paid. It’s that simple.

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