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Google Adsense is an avenue to generate revenue for your online platforms like website, apps, youtube channels and so on.

Topic: Where to, How to Calculate your projected monthly Adsense earnings

To get paid every month on adsense, you would have made more than $100 benchmark for the previous month, else, you will need to wait another month before you can be sent your earnings whenever your earnings surpasses the $100 benchmark for your finalized earnings.

Topic: How to get approved for google adsense programme for your website/blog/online platform

In this topic, I will be highlighting factors that determine your adsense earnings

1. Traffic

Read carefully, the more the web traffic to your web contents that has adsense placed on it, the more your chances of increasing your adsense earnings. This does not mean increase in traffic is directly proportional to increase in adsense earnings. NO. Sometimes, you can have 1206 pageviews, 25 clicks and your earnings is just $2.99 while on another day you have 824 pageviews, 20 clicks  and your earnings is $5.20. It depends on other factors that I will discuss on points below.

Many people have the idea that once I visit this site like NaijaTech, facebook, Nairaland, they are converting my data to money and given to website owner. What a foolish idea. Who is converting your MB?, who is paying the website owner? Some even say you need to register to something, then you always get paid as a site owner, they say, that is how big website like facebook, twitter, nairaland, lindaikeji are making money. Another stupendous, foolish, unthinkable idea.

2. Position of Ads

Ads unit should be placed where it will be visible to web visitors like at the top of a website, within the web topic/content, sidebar widget, and advert should not be implemented in a way that it forces visitors to click on them whether they are interested or not. It is very wrong and you are violating adsense rules to tell people, beg visitors, or deceive visitors to click on ads on your site so as to increase your earnings. Clicks on your ads should be based on interest of the visitor. If google adsense admins notice that, your adsense account can be banned and all your earnings suspended.

3. Content of a blog or a post

When you have a nicely written web content/post/topic by using correct english, right,popular keywords, visitors are likely to see a related adverts from google adsense that appeal to what they like and they get to click on it. As they click on those ads, your adsense earnings is increasing. There are some niche/content/topic/area that have high paying adverts related to them e.g investment, finance related web contents. Advertiser can place $1, $2, $5 per click on any of this ads.

4. Advertiser money

The money you are earning on your adsense account is not owned by google, NO. It is owned by advertisers, and they determine how much they pay for click or ads impression. Some advertiser can pay $0.01 per click while they can change it to $1.20 per click.

Topic: How to verify your approved google adsense account

5. Website/blog design

To get better earnings, your website design may be simple or complex but easy to use by your web visitors. It should not be deceptive.

6. Location of your web visitors

Location/Countries of your web visitors is also one factor that determine your earnings. More advertiser pay more in some country than another country. For example, more advertisers in US,Australia pay more than advertisers in Nigeria, India and so on. Of cause, every advertiser case is unique, so, this is not a general hypothesis.

Note: If you should strive for another thing in this business of earnings online, strive for traffic. Because the more your traffic/web visitors, the more your chances of increasing your earnings.

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