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So, I went to a GTBank branch to reactivate my dormant account(). I was asked to provide utility bill which I provided and a valid means of identification. I Had to stay in their useless queue inside the bank for like 2hours before I was reluctantly answered.

I was asked to pay any amount so as to reactivate the account. Since I was planning to get ATM card, I paid N1500 naira so as to take care of that. I was asked to come the next day to start processing the ATM card.

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The next day I came, I was then told my account is not OK, that the name of the BVN attached to my account is not properly arrange, that I have to go back to reenrol for BVN or go do court affidavit in order to make my account OK and subsequently be able to process ATM card. I asked if I can withdraw the N1500 I paid earlier but to my surprise, I was told I cannot withdraw it, that my account is not OK.

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This same BVN record is the same record that I have attached to my other banks from FirstBank, ZenithBank, Diamond Bank without any complain. Now, arrogant GTBank is asking me to go and re-enrol for BVN in order to allow my account to be active.

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Let me pose some questions to this yeye GTBank:

– How come my BVN was not an issue before I paid N1500 naira into the bank account?

– How come customers have to go through a lot of stress anytime they come to any branch of your nonsense bank?

– How come you have very strict, unnecessary, counter productive rules as compared to other banks(FirstBank, ZenithBank etc) that are far better than your bank?

– How come you treat your customers arrogantly and act as if they are the one that need your help?

– How much are the bank staff even paid that they have to go through this crazy working conditions?

When I calculate the amount of stress I have already undergone, and yet no clear solution in sight, I have decided to dash my N1500 I already paid into the account to GTBank, but I don’t need your useless, arrogant, stupid bank again. You can continue to treat your customers any how but I will not be among those customers. I will stick to my other banks that treats me like a king, and a customer. I need them, and they need me. Its a win-win situation.

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