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Google Adsense

Google Adsense provides avenue for website owners, bloggers and all other online content creators to make money from their website by using their platform to advertise various products and services using google adsense platform.

Due to the numerous population of those already accepted into the the Google adsense family, management of Google Adsense has made it very difficult to accept new applicants into the family. That is the reason for this topic. I will be highlighting based on personal experience and research from other people/website like “make money online website” how you can successfully apply and be accepted into the adsense family.

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Note: I will be illustrating based on submitting adsense application via your own bought domain, and your own bought hosting though the criteria for others is still related to the below guide. You can buy your hosting and domain from Whogohost at a very cheap price here.

adsense-approval-message Adsense approval message you receive when approved

Adsense approval message

The below highlights various things you should do to guarantee been approved into the adsense family.

1. Get a new domain and hosting service

You need to get a domain that you will use to submit your adsense approval application. You can get cheap, affordable domain name on Whogohost here. You can also buy hosting from Whogohost to host your blog, website, online platform, applications etc. You can decide to go for free hosting from Google owned blogger platform. Personally, I bought my domain name, and hosting package, so, I had the opportunity to do anything I so wish on my website/blogs/online platforms.

2. Setup your website, blog, platform

Setup your website itself. This days, it is super easy to setup your blog using free ready-made blog software like wordpress or blogger. If you are a web designer, developer, programmer, you can setup your own blog, website, portal, software, application and then use it to apply for google adsense programme. I can help you setup your blog at an affordable fee, contact me here. Please note that it is not only a blog that can get adsense approval, you can get approval on anything that will be providing value on the internet like a calculator website, maths website, love website, dating app, service, website, think of anything, you will get adsense approval for it.

3. Put Contact Us, About Us, Privacy policy on your webpage

Your website, blog, online platform must have the following link on all the webpages. To acheive this, you can put the link to this page in the menu section or header or footer section of your website. This will guarantee that every page that is opened on your site, this 3 things will always be available and will be crawlable by google adsense robots and machines. A contact us, about us and privacy policy page. You can click on this link to see sample that I used or search over the internet for a better template/sample.

4. Easy Navigation of your site

Let your website be easy to navigate by user. It is part of the criteria adsense will use to accept or reject your application. Use not too complex, clear pattern, direction, signs for your site visitors. After approval, you can change it to whatever you like.

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5. Submit sitemap of your site and still place its link on your webpage

If you use blog software like wordpress for example, you can easily get a plugin to generate your website sitemap. Sitemap describes the structure of your website which web crawlers like google robots use to understand the website. If your site is already setup, you can submit your website sitemap to google via this link.

6. Verify your site on Google webmaster tool

Google Webmaster tool is a google product that make google easily identify your website on the internet. It contains many tools that you can use to make your site visible on search engines, monitor your search traffic and many other good package. To verify your site on it, you will have to submit your site on it. It will require you to add a meta tag on the header of your website. You will need to edit your website to add that line of code. It looks like: <meta name=”google-site-verificationcontent=”DqNDu_emupaIVAQ__jBB1oRdjurey_jdfjdflskjfkIlgw” />

7. Apply for adsense via fresh gmail account or existing gmail account

You can use your existing unused gmail account to submit adsense application or you simply create a new gmail account for this application. You will simply login to any of the gmail account you want to use, then open a new tab on your browser or same tab and then visit the google adsense website to submit your application. Submit adsense application by visiting google adsense website here.

8. Hope and pray that you will be lucky

The above are recommendations that will give a better, sure chance to be approved but still hope and pray that you will be approved. I submitted adsense application more than 20 times before I was finally approved. I cannot believe my eyes the day my application was approved and I started earning via Google adsense.

9. If disapproved, make corrections, follow the recommendations above, and resubmit again till you are approved.

If not approved, you will recieve message of not approved, and they will give some recommendations like “site content is not enough”, “site navigation is poor”, and all kind of report. Simply fine tune your site, if it is blog, you can create some more content especially a unique, focus content and then resubmit your application again.

Of course, we cannot capture everything in this topic, but this topic will definitely guide you in the process of submitting and getting approved for Google adsense. If you have any issues, you can use the comment section and if you want to personally be guided, you may be asked to pay for the service.

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