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Are you familiar with the word Moratorium?

According to dictionary, A moratorium is a delay or suspension of an activity or a law. In a legal context, it may refer to the temporary suspension of a law to allow a legal challenge to be carried out.

If you request to Get Help (GH) on your MMM account and it takes more than 6 hours for the GH order to be matched, I used 6 hours because matching are delayed if the GH order is created in midnight hours and this act is common among MMM Nigeria participants.  There is a possibility that your account is under moratorium.

This is because when an account is hacked, the details are usually altered. Therefore, MORATORIUM is acceptable as a security measure to protect an account. However, my pain is when you are only suspected of going against the rule or you did it out of ignorance and you are left to suffer. I called it suffer because it’s clearly stated on MMM website that it takes at most 2 weeks for moratorium to be lifted but it took more than two months for some people to be pardoned and in most cases, participants did it out of ignorance. You also sometimes get banned even after following support’s suit.


Moratorium takes time before your account will be lifted.  The support will request you to send a picture of you holding your valid ID card as the case may be for verification or investigation as the case may be.


You want to know why your account is under moratorium but support does not correctly answer your questions, not all times though.


Below are the reasons and cases in which MMM accounts will be placed under moratorium.

1.  Having Multiple MMM Accounts by Registering one Bank Account details in different MMM accounts.

2.  Using one BTC Address in many accounts.

3.  Using many BTC address in one account.

4.  Change of Password without proper permission from support.

5.  Change BTC address without proper permission from support.

6.  many others


Guiders and referrers are promised some percentage of their downlines’ donation without letting them know their responsibilities.   Refusal to pay the price for referral bonuses by Guiders and referrers led many innocent participants into the severe punishment.


My experience about moratorium made me write about it here and without doubts, it  helped many people and lots of letter of appreciation was written.  I am no more comfortable as the increase in letter of appreciation is directly proportional to increase in MMM participants falling under the ban. My pain is why some are spending so long under the ban and most of them are of the huge donators category.


On behalf of the owner and administrators of Naijatech, I hereby notify you that we have come up with an initiative for mass guide and solution to solve your moratorium issues.


This would soften the stress to help people out of the ban. If you are interested in this programme, you can contact Bolu via

Email: if this post is yet to get you out of moratorium.

Please don’t bother to send the mail if your not over punished, I mean, you should have spent minimum of 2 weeks on the ban.


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