Message to all Mavrodians.

This period is the only practical measure to protect MMM Nigeria from danger. A lot of news of MMM crashing this December has been on the social media and other news and gossip just to create tension and force the community to crash. This has really affected the system since most of the participants have lost their faith to panic.

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There was heavy threat from many unknown angles through professionally designed graphics just to ensure the success in creating panic so as to collapse the system. However, what happened to the system last week would have been worse if GH is allowed today, i guess by now the crashing instead of the pause mode would have been real. I also wonder if moratorium has not held some mavros, the crash would have been earlier and may be that is why some participants that were affected with the ban despite following due procedures getting out of the ban remain over punished. I destroy many bad xmas experience this year with faith.

I could not believe anyone can seek for crashing of MMM Nigeria other than creating an image as below


Mmm is still fine.


Despite the holiday bonus, many participants were ready to GH today. The PH is not commensurate to the GH and this is the fear created by sponsored fake news. The cause of the pause mode is not only the series of threat as ealier discussed but greediness being the act of Nigerians.  Many Nigerians turned MMM to Money Doubler and Xmas Money Generator but refused to note that any community like MMM needs their spare cash and not their life earnings.

The truth remains that the mavros in the system are safe until they are unfrozen. Those who have PH in the system shouldn’t cancel them because since all green mavro are frozen no PH will be paired. For those who understand the system, what has happened is a temporary measure to save the system and saving the system is saving your money. If you are allowed to GH, by next week there may be no enough PH to pair the GH then the worst will happen. This is a kind of caution taken to avert danger. So your mavros are safe. I encourage those who want to PH to still do their PH. The maturity is January and doesn’t change anything by then the system is back and stronger. Don’t loose hope, all of you have mavros in the system and do not because of this little set back forget what MMM has for you if the system is safeguarded. I understand the way participants that were shocked unaware feel but it’s better to save the system so that MMM will be more than money doubler by January.