MMM Nigeria PAUSE MODE : One-Month Freezing of confirmed mavros


Yes, you may have heard about the system upgrade and other measures to improve the system, fix fake PoPs and correct issues with failed confirmations among other problems in the community. Support need more time and cooperation to have this done once and for all! Yes, many participants definitely will have good use for their money which is presently hanging under the name of frozen mavro, I can’t say I understand what you are going through, but be rest assured, your mavros are still safe!


What is going to happen in 3 weeks time?

All upgrades will be complete and everyone who is due for GH can continue to GH again.  One of the sensible things to do at this juncture will not be to fold your arms and wait till the 1st of January, 2017 but to continue to invite more people into the community as the promise of #20% bonus Mavro growth will apply to them.


Always look on the bright side of things and what makes people extraordinary is when they see good opportunities from every situation and make the best out of it.  While some participants have vowed to be out of the community, some has also vowed to stand strong and continue to believe that there is more hope for them in MMM as a community but who knows who is speaking from his or her heart?

Thus, this is the time for MMM support to reorganise the system especially with the issue of moratorium imposed on many participants and this the also the time for the affected participants not to panic and ensure a deserved celebration for the coming Xmas and New Year while those that caused the problem needs to return to the economy with their spare cash.  This will eventually go a long way in helping the country by saving souls of some of the affected ones.