Please write to support for change of guider now if you need to do so because it is really necessary for many participants to replace their wrongfully chosen guiders.

The Best and sustainable alternative to MMM is here; GetHelpWorldwide. Click here for details


This is the procedure:

1. Create a ticket in support

2. Copy the message below and paste in support

“please my guider is not always available to help me and my downlines resolve issues about mmm. Please I kindly request  change my guider.” You can also garnish the grammar if there is need to do so where you may deem it necessary to state the reason for your purpose.

3. Type your new guider’s email address in the space provided for new leaders email.

4. Click save

Try to do it now, the time given is limited.

Please that you only need to do this if ur guider isn’t available, inactive or just seems useless.

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