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RAM booster

You might have used or seen others use “RAM Booster” apps that claim to speed up your phone performance by cleaning the background apps and processes.  But do these apps really improve your phones performance? The answer is NO.  In fact using these apps is harmful to your device.

Android has evolved a lot in the recent years and its own native handler for assigning RAM to apps and making sure that all of it is being used in the most optimal way.  You might have heard the saying “Free RAM is wasted RAM” which means keeping RAM free in your phone is a waste of RAM.It does not add to any boost in performance.

When you remove an app from background, you actually make your processor work extra by making it run the app from start.  This also leads to a slight downgrade in battery life.  On the other side, when the app is in memory, the processor does not have to do extra work and loads the app faster.

Let me explain, suppose there is a shop in your locality which has all its items displayed on a rack.  Whenever a customer comes, the shopkeeper will have to go to the rack and bring out the demanded item.  If he notices that some items have heavy demand, he makes a small rack and seperates the most demanded items from others so that he will be able to bring out the demanded goods with less stress.  So after some time, a boy comes over to the shopkeeper and agrees to work freely. The shopkeeper hires the boy and from the next day onward, the boy moves the items on the small rack back to the larger one.  The shopkeeper has to work harder again to meet up with demand.  In this case, the shopkeeper is the CPU of your phone, the small rack is the RAM and the boy hired is the task/RAM cleaner of your android phone.

On our phones, small elements make up for a good user experience. So keeping apps in RAM is actually a good thing.  This way, the phone makes full use of available RAM.  The “doze” feature in Android 6.0 has really helped matters. Apps like task killer, dubattery saver, shutapp etc are just a waste.  Do without them after reading this post.

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