A phone repairer or an engineer may find it difficult to understand but a crop scientist like me will understand it. It works wonders provided you follow the rules.



Rice is very hygroscopic – which means it has a great affinity for water. It absorbs water molecules from its immediate surroundings. To make this technique work on a phone that dropped inside water, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

1. The phone must not be in the water for more than a few seconds. This means that the faster you get the phone out of water the more reliable the rice technique is.

2. The battery MUST be removed IMMEDIATELY – the longer the battery stays in the phone after the water incident, the less the likelihood of the rice technique saving your phone. Delay for a few seconds might cause you to visit a phone repair shop because a charged battery being in the phone will facilitate short-circuiting on the motherboard which might make the phone malfunction even after the water is completely drained out.

3. Put the phone (without the battery) inside a fairly large quantity uncooked rice. Not just on top of the rice bag but dipped deep inside the rice and completely covered with the rice. The more the rice, the higher the effectiveness of this technique. This is because the rice grains that are closest to the phone will be the first to absorb water molecules and those grains will have to transfer the moisture to the ones farther from the phone.

4. Use rice that is stored in a completely dry environment. If the rice has been stored in an environment with high relative humidity, this technique might not work because the rice grains are already possibly saturated with moisture and their ability to absorb more is extremely weak. The same thing goes for rice stored in a container that had some water in it before pouring the rice. The grains have already absorbed the water and can now absorb less.

5. You must resist any urge to replace the battery and use the phone within 24 hours from the time you insert it into the rice. The long wait might save you some few bucks. Calls, Facebook, Whatsapp and others can wait till the rice grains have perfected their magical healing on your phone. Sometimes, you may have to keep the phone there for longer period depending on the severity of the incident and the size of the phone, in the end, it will surely pay off. In the case of my laptop, I left it inside a bag of rice for a whole week. It’s well over six months now and it has never shown any sign of malfunctioning caused by the water.


Many people have left their phones outside in the hot sun to drain the water and perceived that this technique worked only to begin to notice some anomalies in the functioning of the phone some days after the sun-drying. Sun works best in removing surface moisture and does not completely remove tiny water molecules already clogged in some ‘micro’ spaces on the circuit board. Sun first heats up the hardware and then causes the moisture to evaporate. This causes moisture migration within the phone and the evaporated water might condense at a different part of the board if it hits a cooler surface. This is why some phones sometimes have cloudy screen several hours after sun-drying.

In contrast, the rice technique doesn’t require that the phone gets heated. Though the ambient temperature may influence the rate of water absorption, most dry rice would do appreciably well under room temperature. Also, the water doesn’t condense in the phone, it just finds its way out to hit the rice grains.

hope it works for you???