Miley Cyrus Throws Liam Hemsworth and Noah Cyrus the ”Best Party Ever” For Their Birthdays

When your little sis and husband-to-be’s birthdays fall five days apart, why not celebrate both at the same time?!

That’s exactly what Miley Cyrus did Friday evening, when she threw a blowout bash for Noah Cyrus and Liam
Hemsworth complete with larger-than-life pizzas, tattoos and you guessed it… weed goodie bags.

The pop star’s sister turned 17 on Jan. 8, just days before Liam rang in his 27th birthday last night. Photos shared by partygoers feature the duo alongside Flaming Lips frontman
and Miley’s close pal Wayne Coyne (whose birthday is also Jan. 13), decked out in all-black costumes and blowing out the candles on one fancy cake.

Inspired by hip hop group N.W.A. , the party appeared to be themed “N.W.L” after Noah, Wayne and Liam’s first initials. Guests also enjoyed a second custom cake baked in the
shape of a a black hat and gold chain with “N.W.L” frosted
across it.


A photo posted by Ashley Greene (@ashleygreene) on Jan 14, 2017 at 7:07pm PST photo posted by Elsa Pataky (@elsapatakyconfidential) on Jan 13, 2017 at 7:42pm PST

Miley also got in on the fun, posing with a massive lei of dollar bills, gold chains and an oversized graphic T-shirt with “Compton” written across it. She gave a quick shout out to none other than Snoop Dogg for supplying goodie bags from his marijuana-focused company, Merry Jane.
“@merryjane hooked it up Wowzyyyyyyyy! Thanks Uncle

@snoopdogg for being such a dope ganja innovator,” she captioned the snapshot.

No word on exactly what Liam and Miley’s closest family and friends ventured home with, but her affinity for a 4/20- friendly lifestyle is certainly no secret.
photo posted by Elsa Pataky (@elsapatakyconfidential) on Jan 13, 2017 at 7:34pm PST

Ashley Greene was among the partygoers, later admitting on Instagram that “things got a little crazy last night” during the celebration. Hemsworth’s sister-in-law Elsa Pataky also attended, later
sharing a photo of herself chowing down on a slice of pizza that she captioned, “We won’t be hungry!!!” Elsa also shared a separate moment from the shindig in front of what
appears to be a dance floor and DJ booth decorated with a balloon arch that reads “Best Party Ever.”

She wrote alongside the fun photo, “Best party ever!! Happy
birthday bro liam!!” Ahead of the festivities, Cyrus shared a heartfelt birthday message to Hemsworth on Instagram. “Happiest birthday EVER to my favorite being EVER EVER