The rumor mill is awash with reports that Beyonce is expecting again. The singer is remaining ‘mum’ on the subject, which makes friends think there’s definitely some truth to the reports this time round. Read on for the story .


“Everyone in Beyonce‘s inner circle is keeping quiet when it comes to the pregnancy rumors, which is unusual because normally they would just deny them outright,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“When there’s been pregnancy stories before everyone has just laughed them
off, but this time round there’s a noticeable silence on the subject, which makes me think it’s true.

“There’s no doubting that Beyonce has been wearing a lot of baggy, over-sized clothing recently, and that’s soooo not
like her usually — and everyone in her crowd knows how much she and Jay would like another baby. I wouldn’t be
surprised if there’s an announcement very soon.”


As previously reported, the Beyonce pregnancy rumor-mill heated up once again on Jan. 27.
after video surfaced of what is purported to be the new Ivy Park ad campaign. In the video, which was quickly removed from the interweb shortly after posting, Beyonce is seen proudly flaunting an obvious baby bump. A Beyonce Twitter
fan site, called Formation, claimed that was evidence that the 35-year-old is pregnant with baby number two.

They went on to proclaim that they have exclusive confirmation of the pregnancy in fact — although, we’re not sure how reliable that claim really is. “We can
EXCLUSIVELY CONFIRM that Beyonce is PREGNANT with her second child. That’s why her team deleted the new Ivy Park ad,” the fan club tweeted. Well, if we all want it enough then surely it’s going to happen, right?!!

Well, some of the mags agree with them! According to Life & Style, Queen Bey is roughly four months along in her pregnancy. “She feels like she has been trying to have a second baby since Blue was born,” a source told the magazine. “Her dream has finally come true.” Adding to the rumor mill, Beyonce has been spotted recently wearing baggy and loose clothing — and, was snapped holding on to what some speculate as being a growing baby bump, while leaving Son-of-a-Gun restaurant in L.A. earlier this month