What is it about Drake that has Jennifer Lopez’s heart racing? For starters, the Canadian hottie doesn’t kowtow around the superstar. His confidence and self assurance makes J.Lo feel like a ‘natural woman,’ an insider tells .


Drake and jennifer Lopez after his performance

Drake and jennifer Lopez after his performance

As Jennifer Lopez , 47, and Drake ‘s romance continues to heat up, we can’t help but wonder how the rapper captured the singer’s heart ?! “Drake is the first man, other than Marc Anthony, who takes charge in the relationship. She loves how confident and self assured Drake is around her,” an iinsider reports  EXCLUSIVELY. “Most men, including Casper, feel intimidated by her and she ends up being the Alpha in the relationship.” What a drag!

The 30-year-old certainly seems to have the magic touch with J.Lo! “Drake makes Jennifer feel cherished and safe and secure. He makes her feel like a real woman,” our source says. “It’s refreshing for J.Lo to be with someone who isn’t afraid to call the shots, considering she’s usually the one who ends up being the dominant one in the relationship. She feels like she’s found her match in
Drake.” We agree!
As we told you earlier, Drake managed to seduce the mother of two in the recording studio. “They spent hours and hours talking — talking about everything until the wee hours of the morning,” a source told us.

“That’s whenJennifer started to look at Drake differently. She saw this vulnerable, tender side to him that made her heart melt.” Awe!

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