Jennifer Lopez knew exactly what she was getting into when she started dating Drake. But despite the rapper’s reputation for being a heartbreaker, she isn’t scared one bit! Here’s the EXCLUSIVE reason she’s willing to take a blind leap of faith!

Drake and jennifer Lopez after his performance

Drake and jennifer Lopez after his performance

Jennifer Lopez , 47, and Drake , 30, look SO happy together ever since rumors of their romance first started. Although there may be a couple of people in J.Lo’s ear, warning her to be careful with her heart, she actually isn’t too worried! In fact, she’s looking at her fling in a completely different way! “Jen is in a great place in her life,” a source Reported EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s not worried about Drake’s reputation nor that he will break her heart.” You may think that’s a little weird, but the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer’s new attitude may have a lot to do with her years of experience in the relationship department.

“She’s been married, been madly in love, has two beautiful kids, and her career is going strong,” the source added. Additionally, J.Lo seems to be extremely content with stage her romance is in!

Although she and Drake “hit it off immediately and have been making incredibly electric music together,” it’s still at an amazing point where she doesn’t have to stress. “She’s just having fun with a cute boy who treats her like a queen… She’s happy with what they have and isn’t worried about the future one bit,” our insider continued. “It’s grown. Into something more and it’s amazing.” And an added bonus is that Drake appears to be absolutely infatuated with her. “Drake fawns over her and makes Jen feel beautiful,” the source stated. SO cut!


As you may have already caught on, things are definitely progressing for the couple. The two have been spotted on numerous occasions getting extremely cozy and really seem to be enjoying one another’s company. While J.Lo is pretty confident in her ability to keep Drake’s interest, she’s
gotten some reassurance from the “One Dance” rapper as well. After eyebrows were raised about how Drake would respond to Nicki Minaj’s , 34, new relationship status , the rapper took the moment to reassure Jen that he was fully
committed to her! Whoa, if Drake can deny Nicki, we’re convinced Jennifer has absolutely nothing to worry about!