In this 21st century, every habitation of human beings needs to have good internet connection. This is the reason for writing this open letter. Now, it is not just anyhow internet service but at least 3G, HSDPA, H+ internet capability.

On a good day, what will I be looking for in small town called Ogotun-Ekiti in Ekiti southwest local government of Ekiti State if not for service to our father land which is National Youth Service Corps(NYSC).

For 2 days running and even as at this moment, GLO network which is the best network in Ogotun-Ekiti for accessing the internet has disappeared and nobody knows when it will get back. As a newcomer to Ogotun-Ekiti, I just subscribed for GLO 3.2GB for N1000 naira 3 days ago not knowing that I will be trapped in this poor internet service. To publish this post, I am managing my airtel strictly 2G capability to surf the internet but this network is really dragging and a blogger and a serving corp member that does not want to abscond from the NYSC, myself and many other people really need a good, fast internet connection else, many of us would be forced to areas with better internet capacity.

I plead to all network providers especially GLO, MTN, AIRTEL to kindly upgrade their network capability in Ogotun-Ekiti from 2G, EDGE strength to 3G, HSDPA, H+ capacity.

Some benefits of improved Internet capacity

1. Boost business activities that uses internet as mode of operation.

2. NYSC corpers will have a good reason to stay in Ogotun-Ekiti.

3. It will boost other business activities in Ogotun-Ekiti.

4. It will help the owners of this land educationally, technologically, financially etc.

Due to very poor light or even no light, I am rushing to publish this post. Kindly improve the network capacity in Ogotun-Ekiti, Ekiti southwest local government of Ekiti State.