Nicki Minaj JUST broke up with Meek Mill like 5 minute ago and Drake is already hitting her up. is EXCLUSIVELY reporting that the ‘From Time’ rapper has sent Nicki several secret texts after her split. So, is his new woman, Jennifer Lopez, worried?


Drake , 30, would stop, but he’s no quitter. He and his boo Jennifer Lopez , 47, might have some issues coming. That’s because he’s sliding into Nicki Minaj ‘s phone and
her DMs since she split with Meek Mill, 29.
“Drake shot Nicki a few texts after hearing she broke up. with that loser Meek,” a source close to the rapper revealed
EXCLUSIVELY. “Drake’s hella happy
they’re over but wants to make sure that Nicki’s cool and that she’s not hurting or anything. He cares about her and certainly wants to be there for her and be a shoulder for her to lean on and talk to during this breakup.”

J.lo enjoys the cuddle from champagne papi

J.lo enjoys the cuddle from champagne papi

But like most people, we’re wondering if that would make J.Lo worried. We’re told Drake is definitely committed to the “On The Floor” singer and has reassured Jenny From The Block she has nada to fear. “Things with Drake and JLO couldn’t be better. They’re going strong [and] Drake doesn’t want JLo to feel threatened or anything,” the source explained.

“But make no mistake he’s going to be there for Nicki. That’s his girl. His friend. She’s like family,” the source continued. “They have a five year plus friendship and that means everything to him. He’s going to be there for Nicki during this time.”