It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Nicki Minaj confirmed her split with Meek Mill, Jan. 5, and Soulja Boy already seems to be stepping in! Soulja took to Instagram to declare his ‘love’ for Nicki in a series of affectionate photos! Is he moving in on Nicki after her breakup?


Soulja Boy , 26, just keeps putting himself out there. Not only was he involved in the first feud of 2017, but now he could be sparking a second battle with another rapper — Meek Mill, 29. As you may know, Nicki Minaj , 34, confirmed her split with Meek on Twitter, Jan. 5, and now Soulja is showing his support for her on Instagram!


I love you @nickiminaj
A photo posted by Soulja Boy (@souljaboy) on Jan 5,…

The rapper posted two photos with Nicki on Jan. 5, where the two are seen hugging and standing arm in arm, while smiling. It’s clear from the photos that Nicki and Soulja are pretty close, but it’s some timing Soulja has, since she just announced her split. “I love you,” Soulja captioned one photo with a kissing face.

The other was captioned with similar flirty emojis. Is Soulja just showing support for his good friend, or is he telling us that there was a particular reason for Nicki’s split with Meek?


A photo posted by Soulja Boy (@souljaboy) on Jan 5,…

Well, let’s not jump to conclusions here. We’re sure he’s just showing Nicki some love since this has to be a difficult start to the year for her. There actually haven’t been any rumors of a romance between Nicki and Soulja, so this looks like some old fashioned love and support from a good friend.

Although we may think Soulja is doing no harm, we’re not sure what Meek thinks about these photos. It is definitely pretty ironic timing, and the breakup is obviously still fresh.
So, you can bet we’ll be on the lookout for a response from Meek. However, he’s been pretty busy since his split, so we’re not sure if he’ll think to confront Soulja.

The night before Nicki confirmed her split with Meek, he was out on the town with his buddies, Jan. 4, according to a new video on Instagram.

Meek reportedly went LIVE on Instagram, where he was seen drinking while out with
friends. In the video he said, “I need love,” and his friends. responded with, “We need a f–king thot!” Meek laughed the whole thing off, and seemed to be in good spirits. Yikes. It looks like he was not letting the split get him down.