Burnt human beings

Take a look at the eventuality of all our faiths, beliefs and whatever we hold sacred being a lie. It will be the biggest shocker to humanity because the greatest fanaticism of all times erupted from them.

Alot has been given and borne in upholding them. Countless lives taken and lost all in a supposed bid to defend them. This is not to incite or indict but to pose a rational view to the obvious. If we wake up someday to see
that the reverse is the case for all our norms, I’m sure most of us will see things clearly, So why not wait for things to unfold rather than overly portray one’s practice in an impartial superiority context to others.

I’ve been heavy and long due to delivering this that I cant help but say it now. Take it or leave it but the truth here is we might all be guilty of calling a mirage a stream from afar so lets get close first(which in this case is eternity) and until then everyone should please hold his peace.