Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are preparing for battle in an epic boxing match and it’s creating major issues between Kylie Jenner and Tyga!The couple are butting heads over who they want to win the fight with T-Raww banking on Breezy and Kylie rootingfor Soulja. But why? Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details.

Soulja Boy Claims His Upcoming Boxing Fight With Chris Brown Is ‘for Rihanna’ As Mike Tyson Trains Chris

Soulja Boy Claims His Upcoming Boxing Fight With Chris Brown Is ‘for Rihanna’ As Mike Tyson Trains Chris

Fresh off a vacation in paradise, Kylie Jenner , 19, and Tyga, 27, are at odds and Chris Brown, 27, and Soulja Boy , 26, are at the heart of it. We’re told that while Tyga will no doubt be cheering on his homie Chris, Kylie’s still holding a grudge over a rude meme Breezy posted about one member of her family.

“Kylie forgave Chris for making fun of Caitlyn [ Jenner] when he posted nasty and insensitive memes about her, but she didn’t forget,” a source close to pair reported . “She wants Chris to get the beat down so he can for once feel what it’s like to be hurt , humiliated and to have people making nasty memes about him that will for sure come when he looses to Soulja.” Tyga and Chris are like brothers, collaborating on various songs and toured together prompting so T-Raww really wanted Kylie to let the past be the past but she’s not having it.

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“Kylie told T that if they go to the fight, they’ll go together but will sit separately as she’ll be in Soulja’s section with his crew while T will sit with Chris’ crew in their section.”

As previously reported, both Soulja and Breezy are taking this fight seriously. Soulja’s got Floyd Mayweather training him and Chris is being coached by none other than Mike Tyson ! Both rappers have been posting videos of themselves training and working out on in preparation for the big fight. Let’s get ready to rumble!

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