How acheivers looks(Ambode)

Competition is a type of activity that individuals, groups engage in where judges, markers, examiners determine who is the best among the various participants and such individual or group is declared the winner of the competition.

In this topic, I will be using an illustration of my participation in a military match past/parade to explain the various factors that makes individual or group to win a competition.

1. Trainer

Our instructor is a key factor in our winning. He gave his best by going extra to give us the best match past instructions. He did not just look at us as common civilian, but he gave us the standard military drill/match past commands. Same way in life, who you follow or directs you or listen to can determine if you will be a winner or second place.

2. Luck

Even though we did our part by practicing and rehearsing accordingly, I would say we were also lucky to be the winner of the match parade. In life, after doing your part to be the best, you may give some tiny space to be lucky. Though, once life should not be based on luck else, you may be an under acheiver.

3. Lesser mistake

As we match in front of the examiners, I noticed we made lesser mistake which made us to earn more score than other groups we were competing with. In life, strive to be the best, go a little above where everybody stopped to be the winner.

4. Correct commands

Almost everything in life have a recognised way it is done. This is one aspect we also outperform other contestants. I will be praising our trainer/instructor for this feat. He gave us the standard military commands which made us earn more marks compared to other contestants that was given a strange command. If you are in a competition, it is important to play by the rules of the game else, you may be given poor remarks.

5. Team work

There was this team work among ourselves that made us to be the winner of the match parade. Although we corrected ourselves within, we still cooperated to be the first among our equals. In life, if you are in a team of other people, it is important everybody is carried along because if someone is left behind, it can come back to destroy the overall team performance.

6. Passion within the group

We were passionate to be the best. Even when the various instructions was not easy to follow, we manage to follow them. In life, be passionate about what you do, believe in and it is just a matter of time, it will start yielding good results for you.


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