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GetHelpWorldwide(GHW) logoHello Participants

On 16th February, 2017, management of GetHelpWorldwide GHW updated it rules and guidelines to inform participants of the new rules guiding the participation in GHW.

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See the rules below:

GHW has always been known as a frontier force in implementing new features focused towards the sustainability of this platform. We are always working day and night to ensure that your money is safe and the system balance.

We have noticed with extreme displeasure; an increasing number of mischievous members (mainly from the African region) defaulting on their PH only to wake up at their convenient time to drown our support system with account re-activation requests. This has got to STOP!. In our normal approach to issues, we have decided to deal a heavy blow on this trend and eradicate it once and for all .

Within 72hours we will commence the rollout of the following features

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  • Any member who exceeds his penalty date will lose 15% of his referrals ; permanently
  • Any Member caught uploading a fake POP will lose 35% of his referrals ; permanently
  • Account Re-activation will be automated, and if you are blocked for uploading a Fake POP, your account will be suspended for 1 month ,along with the cancellation of existing referral bonuses (currently the standard), the system will also cancel all new Referral Bonuses awarded to your account during its suspension period.
  • If your account is blocked due to lack of payment and upload of required POP, your account will remain blocked for 3 weeks, all bonus incurred during this period will be cancelled as well.
  • Members will be able to change/modify their contact phone number when logged in
  • Members will be able to change Bank Account number (ONLY)
  • Automatic Confirmation of Payments : All payments not flagged as fake POP MUST be confirmed within 72hours of POP upload, else the system will automatically confirm the payment. Flagging as Fake POP will halt this action.

Also planned is the decommissioning of profile pictures, all profiles will bear icons based on their Credibility Score.

  • Scarlet (Red) Members: 1- 95% CS
  • Bronze Members: 96-500 % CS
  • Gold Members: 501 – 1000 CS
  • Diamond Members: 1000 & above

Matching Algorithm

We have adjusted the system on PH pairing to factor in Credibility Score, Maturity Date, Level of commitment and other system variables. This feature will make the maturity percentage on the dashboard to be obsolete, it will be updated to report on Weekly progress instead daily. We have also noticed the flood of ticket coming from our African community on matching time. Please be rest assured that the platform is as stable as a rock.

There are lots of factors considered in managing PH pledges of over a trillion value. To reduce the amount of members per PH pairing (total number of members you will be required to PH to), the new algorithm will commence jumping back and forth (0 day – 30th day) to find suitable PHs that meet the criteria . This implementation is already live on the platform, but because we did not announce it officially, we decided to get a grace period for defaulters yet to be cancelled by the system (this is one of the reasons for the late re-matching).

Important Question; do you know anybody who has lost money in GHW before? . Your answer will definitely be a no. And it is our promise that it will remain this way.

Please we urge you, if you are no longer interested in this community, please cancel all your pledges before you abandon your accounts. GHW capital base is enough to withstand it, DO NOT leave it to be matched when you are fully aware that you are no longer interested, this is causing head-ache for our dedicated members and our support team. All members are encouraged to help each other, it is important that you contact the member that is to PH to you, incase he/she is ignorant of the matching.

GHW is a community, our being here is entirely up to its members, and we promise not to let you down . Zero Downtime, Zero Breaks , Zero Losses . Long Live GHW

Yours truly
Senior Correspondent

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If you have any issues, comments, clarifications etc, you can write comments below. Long Live GHW.