Mmm cash 60% roi for bitcoin btc,30% for local currency


*MMM CASH* is the new generation of the MMM community launched on 14th of February 2017

We are the future, we have understood the mistakes of our mother platform which has led to repeated crashing and loss of participants confidence.

We have improved on these flaws. We are here to restore the lost glory of our mother platforms.

We are the Improved MMM. We are MMM CASH. Welcome to our community.
They are here to provide all these:

1. Solution to fake POP issues. We have introduced an automated confirmation system.

2. Sms notification when a participant is matched. This solves a whole lot of trouble of checking emails every now and then to know when you are matched. We realised that some participants may lack access to round the clock internet services.
3. Phone number verification during participant’s registration. This to a great extent curtails the high rate of multiple accounts recorded in our mother and other platforms.

4. A new concept Known as ROLL OVER. This encourages participants to provide help (PH) again soon after Getting help (GH) and thus helps the survival of the system and prevents a potential crash as suffered by most other platforms.

5. Real-time support for all complaints and enquiries are available in our homepage

Mmm cash 60% roi for bitcoin btc,30% for local currency


1. ROI  60% in 15 days for Btc

2. ROI 30% in 15 Days for Local currency

3. Locked in Period 14 days

4. Referral bonus of 10%

5. You cannot PH for an amount less than the previous PH

6. You must PH and GH only in multiples of one thousands

7. To change/edit profile account details as bank/wallet address, user must enter a one time verification password sent to their mobile device. This is a measure to prevent hackers activities.

1. First generation —— 10%
2. Second generation —3%
3. Third Generation —–2%


1. You must PH within the first five days of creating an account with or have your account deleted permanently from our system. This is to increase user activity and reduce inactive accounts.

2. You cannot create a new account with an email, phone number, Bank account/wallet details that already exists in our system. This is to prevent multiple accounts.

3. Dormant accounts are deleted from the system after 7 days of inactivity. This applies to old accounts. An account is said to be dormant if the participant has not initiated a PH or GH request, is not in their lock or waiting period or in a temporary moratorium.

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