Loopers club

Yea!!! The fastest money making platform called Loopers Club is here…

Just Lunch of 24th of January, 2017

On Loopers Club Website or Platform you get 200% (double) of your money in 7-14 days…

Loopers Club is like TwinKas and Paydoublers where you get 200% of your money in few days and the cool thing is you don’t have to do evangelism to earn, matching is quick..

You will select a package during registration

 N5,000 package –> to get N10,000 (N5K from 2 people)
 N10,000 package –> to get N20,000 (N10K from 2 people)
 N20,000 package –> to get N40,000 (N20K from 2 people)

 N50,000 Package –> to get N100,000 (N50K from 2 people)
 N100,000 Package–> to get N200,000 (N100K from 2 people)

 N200,000 Package–> to get N400,000 (200k from 2 people)

Note that you can always recycle after completing a cycle

Please contact recipient before payment.

Loopers Club Registration

To register for Loopers club, click here