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Some GetHelpWorldwide(GHW) participants especially those that are vigorously bringing new participants into GHW this question: “What is the meaning of 150% of PH of referral bonus in GHW?”

How much can I get out of my referral bonus in GetHelpWorldwide(GHW)

It is pretty simple. I will try to explain what it means in this post. Let me first create a background to the introduction of this rule.

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Some GHW participant are putting little money, but are vigorously inviting new members so as to get huge referral bonus(10% bonus of the participants Provide Help PH pledge). This attitude is creating imbalance in the GHW system. To block this, GHW admins brought the 150% rule. This rule simply mean if you want to get your huge referral bonus, you must also PH huge amount or equivalent amount else, you won’t be able to get your referral bonus totally. Unlike MMM where once your referral bonus is ripe, you can collect everything, GHW is preventing this loop hole that causes imbalance in the PH-GH system. Huge referral bonus, guiders bonus, secret bonus is one reason MMM crashed.

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How to calculate the amount I can collect out of my Referral bonus in GHW

Assuming you PH N20,000 naira for example, no matter the amount you have as referral bonus, you can only collect 150% of 20000 of your referral bonus which equals to (1.5 * 20,000) = N30,000 naira. If you have lesser referral bonus to collect like 30,000 and below(5000, 10000 etc), you will be able to collect everything.

Now, if you have higher amount of referral bonus, you will be able to collect only 150% of your PH. E.g if you have N100,000 naira as referral bonus, but your PH at a particular time is N20,000 naira; you will be able to collect N30,000 naira from the N100,000 naira, which makes your referral bonus balance of N70,000 naira gone forever. Hope you understand my explanation.

If you are confused, have clarifications, additions, or anything, you can write under the comment section.

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