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There are some participants in GetHelpWorldwide GHW that intentionally upload fake proof of payment to either cheat fellow members or for some other reasons best known to them or agreed upon by the two participant(person to pay and person to receive payment).

Recently, the GetHelpWorldwide GHW admins updated their rules about fake POP. They noticed some participants now upload fake POP so that the system would think they have paid those they are to pay and also, there are some participants that have received payment but will intentionally refuse to confirm the payment to also cheat the system or cause problems.

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To the matter of this topic, if you are to receive payment from Gethelpworldwide GHW and the person uploads fake POP, this is what you can do to solve such scenario.

What to do when someone uploads fake POP in GHW

1. Try to contact the person, and hear from him/her. If whatever they say is useless excuse, do this next thing. If you can’t contact the person, do the next step.

2. Login to your GHW account to the “Receive payment” area and locate that person’s record then Click on “Flag as fake POP”. This will make the GHW admins come to your rescue by investigating the transaction and solving the problem accordingly. The reason you have to do it is that, once someone upload POP and is not confirmed by you within 72hours of the upload, the system assumes you are intentionally refusing to confirm the payment and the system automatically confirms the payment.

***Note: One good thing about GHW is that once you receive payment from someone, you can login to confirm the payment whether the person has uploaded evidence or yet to upload it. ***

3. So, if it is a fake POP, before you flag as fake especially due to the fact that you are yet to receive the payment, contact the person. It could be a genuine reason or proof.

On a personal note, someone asked me to extend the period of payment but I said I won’t do that. The person uploaded one fake POP that really looked like a genuine payment, immediately, I also responded by flagging the payment as fake. Within some minutes to hour, the person made the payment and now asked me to confirm the payment which I did accordingly. Some people just want to waste your time or play you.


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