Update July, 2017: GetHelpworldwide has finally crashed and no longer accessible. Details here

GetHelpworldwide Ghw is now back and better as promised by its admins today March 20, 2017.

%h.com.ng/2017/03/without-verifying-your-phone-number-you-cannot-be-matched-for-your-gh-request-see-how-to-verify-your-phone-number/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>To be matched for your pending GH in GHW, verify your phone number, click here to see how.

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GetHelpWorldwide(GHW) logo

For existing members/participants of GHW, you will need to register a fresh


Ghw will start suspending accounts by Monday 10th April, click here for reason

%here for reason

account on the GHW and you can then migrate your records from the old Ghw to the new GHW exclusive platform.

To register on GHW exclusive portal whether new participants, or existing Ghw participants,

visit the website here: https://xclusive.gethelpworldwide.com and you should put


as the referral email or confirm that the above email is the one during the registration on the new GHW exclusive portal.

If you have already created a new account on the new GHW exclusive portal, you can click here to login

The old GHW website is still working and you can transfer your pending PH, GH, and other activities into the new Ghw platform by clicking on transfer after you have successfully created a new account on the exclusive Ghw platform.

If you have any questions, contributions, clarifications etc you can drop it here in the comment section.

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