Update July, 2017: GetHelpworldwide has finally crashed and no longer accessible. Details here

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I woke up today 1st march 2017 to read from people especially on online forums that our dearest Gethelpworldwide (GHW) is in its last day and about to crash.

Topic: What GHW admins/owners said about the problem faced and the solution they are bringing as at Match 12, 2017

What is the points of those speculating this?

Topic: Gethelpworldwide GHW exclusive portal is now working, do your GH, PH, no more unmatched request

The point of this jobless, useless, good for nothing, children of hate, rotten head, dumb people behind this speculation is that, gethelpworldwide GHW has started matching GHW participants to go pay their pledge PH within a matter of 3-6 days after the PH pledge was created unlike the usual manner of GHW asking you to pay after like 2-3 weeks of your pledged ph as done like 2weeks ago and in the past.

As a very proud participants of GetHelpWorldwide GHW I have written this to defend ghw functionality. GHW is very much stable. Ask any participants of GHW, none of them have lost their money in GHW. 

Why is GHW matching/asking people to pay their Provide Help PH early now

Sometimes like 2weeks ago, GHW rolled out some new set of rules to make GHW more stable and last and remain active forever. One of the rule is this as screenshot below:

 rule about matching algorithm,when will ghw crash,ghw ask people to pay early,about to crash

Ghw matching rule

 rule about matching algorithm,when will ghw crash,ghw ask people to pay early,about to crash

Ghw matching rule

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Matching Algorithm

We have adjusted the system on PH pairing to factor in Credibility Score, Maturity Date, Level of commitment and other system variables. This feature will make the maturity percentage on the dashboard to be obsolete, it will be updated to report on Weekly progress instead daily. We have also noticed the flood of ticket coming from our African community on matching time. Please be rest assured that the platform is as stable as a rock.

There are lots of factors considered in managing PH pledges of over a trillion value. To reduce the amount of members per PH pairing (total number of members you will be required to PH to), the new algorithm will commence jumping back and forth (0 day – 30th day) to find suitable PHs that meet the criteria . This implementation is already live on the platform, but because we did not announce it officially, we decided to get a grace period for defaulters yet to be cancelled by the system (this is one of the reasons for the late re-matching).

What the above instruction/rule mean is that; GHW wants to reduce number of people that will be paired to pay somebody so they consider the amount of ph, they want to remove unserious participants, you can be matched anytime to go pay, and to make the system stable. For example, if you ph 100k, 50k, you can be asked to pay a single participant instead of making you go through stress of paying 2,3 or 4 participants, now, it does not matter if you just created this ph request today or some few days ago. For those that ph 20k for eg, yours may still come like 2-3weeks or within days before being asked to pay so it does not matter when you created your ph request.

If you have any comments, issues, clarifications, additions, you can drop your comments below in the comment section.