Help Buddy

HelpBuddy offers 90% of your ROI with other bonuses for 30 days. Their ideology and server stat is enough to proof their reliability.

They operates in bitcoin only because its an intl platform. Hence, no room for fake POP. Zero room for panic too as it operates in many countries.

You can also enjoy some token bonuses like: speed bonus, provide help bonus for testimonial videos and ref bonus.

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1. Unlike other platforms that do rent servers for shorter basis help buddy as it’s own server because they have a long time plan. If you check the pix you will see their server name is in the sites name.

2. Unlike other platforms help buddy is international majority of its participants are foreigners, help buddy is majorly dominated by Canadians and what I have come to discover is that most scam site are mainly dominated by Indians or Nigerians so help buddy is not a scam site ph and be rest assured you will get your money.

3. Help buddy as a very wonderful support they work 247,and they will fix your challenges right in the chat box,If you don’t believe go and try it yourself goto

4. In buddy you don’t have to wait forever to get your ph order confirmed,in less than 1 hour if the person assign to you doesn’t confirm you help buddy admin will verify the payment and confirm you theirself.

5. Which is the last but not the least, There is nothing like rematch here,if someone assigned to you fail to pay your order admin will pay you themself.

You see why help buddy is a Bomb πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£ 😘😘😘


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