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So, there is this useless online forum called Nairaland. Many active participants of this forum are useless, dumb minded people, scammers, children of hate, lucifarians, and even its owner/admins is a master con artist, poverty stricken head, who has tried to be as rich as Linda Ikeji(Nigeria richest blogger but has never been and will never be).

What gives Nairaland this much influence

Nairaland or whatever this name is provides a platform where you can hide under a username of your choice then start writing all kinds of things, lies, unverified topics, news, just for the sake of doing all this things.

There are many people on nairaland that are useless in reality and in real life, slowpokes, got nothing doing with their lives, lazy, very judgemental, idiotic and cannot proudly show what they do on nairaland with their colleagues or friends.

Moreover, Nairaland does not give any benefits of money, resources, to its dumb, docile participants. You just keep wasting time their, while the owner makes money via ads that advertisers pay to place on the forum, and at the end the only thing you enjoy is your rush to post something so that your fellow idiots, docile minds can read and talk about for sometimes.

Rather than waste your life and time on nairaland, you can have your own online platform like blog, website where you can have your voice and make steady income.

This is NaijaTech for how to create your own online platform.