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The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is no doubt one of the most populated and as a result successful church in the world.

RCCG is a christian church that originated out of the continent of Africa in a country called ‘NIGERIA‘. The popular founder of the church is Pastor E.A Adeboye also called Daddy G.O which means General Overseer.

RCCG, if not the No1, is among the top 3 pentecostal church that has the highest members in the Nigeria and in the World.

The below highlights the reasons RCCG is more populated, successful than many other churches in Nigeria and in the world:

1. The anointing

The anointing makes the difference. It makes something successful not fully explainable. The anointing is responsible for RCCG success.

2. Solution Ground

Many people joined RCCG and things started to work for them for good. What makes something much more appealing if not in the ability to provide solution where there is problem. This is what makes RCCG more successful.

3. Keep to time

RCCG don’t joke with time. 8am is always 8am. Attend RCCG programmes or events like Wedding, and you will know RCCG does not joke with time. People don’t like their time to be wasted

4. Not very strict

Unlike other churches like ‘deeper life’ just for example, RCCG is not very strict with all kind of christian doctrines. Naturally, every human being love freedom and atmosphere where you can do things you like or interested in. This is what makes RCCG more successful.

5. Powerful members

RCCG have very powerful member. As at the time of writing this(2nd April, 2017), RCCG member is the Vice President of Nigeria the person of Pastor Professor Yemi Osinbajo. This is just an example. Many RCCG members are always in one powerful position in the world, or in Nigeria or the other. This is what makes RCCG more successful.

6. Educated members

RCCG have a lot of members that have high educational qualifications, so, they are always at the top. RCCG are not only educated, but also used their education to put the church at the top. This is what makes RCCG more successful.

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