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Have you been looking for a platform to monitor bitcoin rate in dollar, search no more.

Are you also looking for platform to exchange your hard currency(dollar $) and get paid in Naira at rate higher than that of Nigerian banks, welcome to the solution.

On BTC-NGN, you can easily monitor the bitcoin rate in Naira in real-time. Real-time means per minutes, seconds, ‘as he dey hot’.

Also on BTC-NGN, you can convert your dollar to naira at a very good exchange rate higher than that of Nigerian banks. To know the rate at which the dollar would be exchange to naira, you will simply do calculation of:

0.9 * naira/dollar bitcoin rate.

The rate is very competitive and can be found by going to the BTC-NGN.COM homepage and multiplying the NGN/$ bitcoin rate by 0.9. For example, if naira(NGN)/dollar($USD) is 402.5, the rate at which dollar to naira would exchange for is 0.9 * 402.5 = 361.85

You can contact the admin of BTC-NGN via Whatsapp: +13528970094

Visit BTC-NGN website to do naira, dollar, bitcoin transaction by clicking this link.

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