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In the midst of imbalance, delays, update from the admins behind GetHelpWorldwide GHW donation platform, how do they make money from the GHW system?

Could GHW admins be helping members and participants make money while they are not making any money?

Anyways, after GHW system came back on the GHW xclusive portal on March 20, 2017, the first rule they dropped was for you to get any money from the system, you have pledge a new PH else, no money for you. What happened was that, there were not enough people willing to donate money to pay those that have already donated money earlier.

Topic: How to become GetHelpWorldwide GHW participants

If you want to register for GHW, simply click here to register

How does the GHW admins make money on the xclusive portal NOW

The admins simply make money by matching themselves to receive high PH amount pledged by GHW members while low PH is matched to be received by other members of the GHW system.

For example, if a member pledges N100,000 Naira and above, the GHW admins position themselves and their bank accounts to receive such payment while when a member pledges like N10,000 Naira, the GHW system matches the pledge to be received by other members of the GHW system. That is the way the admins make money from the system.

Incase you are experiencing delay on GHW, you may need to calm down as the admins work out solution for you.


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