Since last year (2016) december that MMM Nigeria was not functioning till early january 2017 that they promised to come back and could not come back appropriately, many MMM Nigeria participants have abandoned the platform.

As at the time of writing this, 29th april, 2017, MMM Nigeria is still paying participants.

Topic: What is MMM Nigeria, how to make money on MMM Nigeria in 2017

What happened and What to do in MMM Nigeria to get paid

To continue to enjoy the functions of MMM Nigeria, you have to pledge a new Provide Help(rePH), send your money to others, then wait to receive your money and the 30% and 50% profit/returns respectively.

What of my outstanding money in MMM NIgeria since last year 2016

The outstanding money have been reduced and been paid but you must have created a new PH i.e new money from you is in the system to collect the outstanding money. On the MMM  Nigeria right now, when you  create a new PH, you will receive both your 30% returns and 10% of your pH if you have outstanding GH in mmm last year(2016).

For example, if I have 60,000 naira to collect in MMM last year, and rePH 30,000 naira now, I will collect both 30% of my new pH and 10% of my last year money based on my new ph (10% of 30,000)=3000 naira. So, I will be left with 57,000 naira to collect in my last year money.

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