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Funds Availability in PayPal is when we delay the availability of funds for a specified amount of time – usually 21 days or less. This is a common industry practice that we implement to help ensure a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. This helps make sure there is money in your account to resolve any problems with your orders, if they arise. The money still belongs to you. It’s just unavailable for withdrawal temporarily until we are sure your buyer received the item they ordered in the condition promised.

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Why could your funds be temporarily unavailable?

Your funds may be unavailable when we associate a high level of risk with your account. There are three main reasons causing us to believe this:

  1. You’re a new seller with PayPal.It takes time for new sellers to build up enough history to demonstrate a pattern of positive buyer-seller exchanges. The good news is that you can usually move out of delayed funds availability by confirming your identity and building up a history of sales and happy customers.
  2. Your customers indicate issues about your selling performance.Performance is based on your percentage of refunds, disputes, and chargebacks compared to your sales on your PayPal account. Having performance issues increases the likelihood of your funds being temporarily unavailable. Working to prevent and resolve these problems quickly will help you avoid the delay of available funds. Topic: Differences between Bitcoin and PayPal
  3. There’s a higher than average risk associated with your sales activity.If there is some other indication that a high level of risk is present, your money could be temporarily unavailable. You may be selling what we consider high-risk items. High-risk items include tickets, gift cards, consumer electronics, computers, and travel packages. Another example of higher risk sales activity is a recent spike in sales or historical change in average selling price or type of item being sold. “High risk” could also mean your account has suspicious account behavior or is more likely to have disputes, claims, buyer chargebacks, or other reversals.

When will you have access to your money?

If there aren’t any problems with the order you fulfilled, such as your customer filing a dispute, you’ll be able to withdraw the money within 21 days of receipt. You may access your funds sooner if you fulfill the order as quickly as possible and provide information about the transaction. Let’s cover that next.

How to access your money faster

You can work to expedite the release of temporarily unavailable funds by simply processing your sales quickly and then providing the fulfillment details. Here are three ways you can get your money faster:

  • If the order requires shipping, send it to the buyer’s shipping address and be sure to mark the item as shipped. When we know that the buyer has received it and is happy with the item, we’ll release the payment within seven days. OR
  • Ship directly using USPS, UPS, or FedEx, or pay for shipping and print labels on PayPal. You can upload shipping information to PayPal and we will automatically verify the delivery. Once we know that the item was delivered, we’ll release the payment within three days. OR
  • If your product or service does not need to be shipped, mark the order as processed. We’ll calculate the expected delivery date and release the payment within seven days of that date.


Reference: PayPal Business Resource Center


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