ghw will suspend dormant account without pending ph by Monday 10 april

Ghw new policy

GetHelpWorldwide GHW xclusive will roll out new policy by Monday 10th April, 2017.

The policy is to ensure the smooth continuity of Get Help (GH) and Provide Help (PH) for GHW serious members especially for those that have money to collect on the old portal.

The policy is simply that: if you don’t want to lose the money you are expecting to collect from ghw forever, you must have a pending PH before Monday 10th April, 2017 when GHW will start suspending account that doesn’t have any pending PH whether a new account or old account. This is especially for those that have money to collect in the system.

The solution is that, you must go ahead to create new ph whether bitcoin or naira, so as to keep safe your outstanding money in the ghw system, else, you agree to loose all your money finally.

To create new account on GHW xclusive portal, click here

The policy as stated by GHw is stated below:

“Hello Members As we all know, GHWx has a long-standing rule which states that all accounts must have an active PH or risk being suspended. This rule has been disabled for weeks now to allow for transition to Xclusive Effective from Monday, All dormant accounts (verified) will be suspended and outstandings lost. 2017-04-05 20:32:08.”

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