Blockchain is a bitcoin (btc) wallet manager or bitcoin merchant platform. Via Blockchain platform just like CoinBase, you can access your bitcoin wallet  or account, store bitcoin, generate wallet address at anytime, send bitcoin to another bitcoin wallet address(sell btc), request to receive btc(buy btc), monitor latest price of btc and so on.

I noticed on the android mobile app of Blockchain, the ability to capture the phone screen is disabled inside the app in other words, you cannot screenshot anything directly while you are on the blockchain app.

Disabling this feature is worrying due to the fact that many btc owners would want to capture and send transaction from their phones to other people for one reason or the other but it cannot be easily done.

The reason for disabling this feature(ability to capture blockchain app screen) is due to the changing nature of bitcoin value per time. btc is priced in dollar($), and the price flunctuates almost every second.

Also, another reason for disabling the feature is for security purpose. To prevent users from carelessly exposing vital information to the public via screenshot feature, the feature is disabled.

For you to capture the screen of blockchain app, you have to either use another phone, device to snap the screen of the phone that is on the blockchain app or you navigate to blockchain via a desktop or laptop computer where you can use ‘prt src’/’print screen’ or use ‘snipping tools on windows.


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