Our company has already been working in real estate auction market for eight years; you can trust us with your investments and be sure you will get a steady life income.

The innovative technology of working with investments “RichShare” allows us to use the clients’ money to trade on the real estate auction market with further profit making.

Our clients get profit in proportion with their investments, while the company gets a fixed percentage, which depends on the estate transaction costs.

Get 1.6% of the profit from your deposit daily, For life.

Many years’ experience – Eight years of working experience at real estate market.

Reliability – Blockchain technology is implemented throughout the whole transaction system

Professionalism – Our staff includes more than 2 500 specialists

How much can I earn?

Your income depends only on you. Based on the amount of money you decide to invest. You will get 1.6% profit of your investments daily.

How can I get my money?

You can withdraw your earnings anytime convenient for you or redirect it to any available payment system.

What does the company have to gain?

Our company, certainly, gets some percent of the profit from the purchased real estate. However, this percent does not influence the profit of our clients in any way.

Which guarantees can our company provide?

Each client personally signs up a legal agreement that includes all conditions of investment and gaining further profit.

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