I have observed this confusion of the word “buy” and “sell” when a platform or website offers a service of “buying” or “selling” a product. It could be digital currency like bitcoin, paypal fund, perfect money, and could be physical goods or services.

Some platform/website/portal uses “Buy” to mean: We buy your product at this amount e.g We buy your paypal fund at ₦370/$ and uses “Sell” to mean: We sell our product at this amount e.g We sell our paypal fund at ₦420/$. This usage of the word “buy” and “sell” is the most popular and most appropriate.

Other platforms or people can have another meaning to the term “Buy” and “Sell”. For example, their “Buy” mean If you want to buy our products, we sell at ₦200,000 for example, while their “Sell” mean If you want to sell your products, we buy at N150,000. This second usage is not popular compared to the first usage, but it is also being used.

Topic: Buy and Sell your bitcoin on NaijaTech website, details here.

Anyways, one way to understand this words better is that: buyer wants to “buy goods or services at lower price” and “sell at higher price” so as to make some profit. Which means anywhere the price is lower, it means somebody wants to buy something, and when the price is higher, it means somebody wants to sell something.


Like the picture above, it means, if you want to buy our bitcoin, we sell at N477,642.02 NGN Naira(it is higher) and if you want to sell your bitcoin to us, we buy at N470,464.28 NGN Naira(it is lower,compared to buy). This example follow the second word usage as described earlier.


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