When people are described as ‘Rich and Classy’, what it means is that this people have what everybody is looking for in this life(MONEY) and they place themselves in high esteem and high position/strata in the society. This post was inspired by observing a fairly rich man that shows class and place himself in high esteem.

The below highlights some ways people tend to treat ‘The Rich and Classy’ in the human society

1. People wants to cheat them

2. People look for opportunity to talk evil about the rich and classy.

3. People rarely wants to do them favor or think of doing things for them naturally

4. People easily interpret the behavior or attitude of rich and classy as arrogant and not humble

5. People sometimes think of evil to happen to the rich and classy.

6. People do not show mercy towards the rich and classy.

7. People think the rich and classy are not wise, or they are stupid, so they want to take them for a ride. NB: Take them for a ride at your expense.


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