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As reported by the admin of GetHelpWorldwide GHW xclusive with username: “kylie“, the reason why some participants are yet to be matched to pay other participants is because of the amount of PH they pledged. The GHW system is trying to match GH with corresponding PH pledge. For example, if your remainder 90% is N10,000 naira the GHW system will try to match you with a pending PH that the amount to receive is N10,000 naira.

See the message of GHW admin below:

Hello members,

A lot of members are approaching their 30days (less than a day or two) without being matched to pay their 90%. Major reason for this is issue of different amount of PH order being created, and the GHW system wants to reduce the number of people that pays each GH order.

With this new development, please note that some members might overshoot the 30days maturity date without been called to make their 90% payment. The system will immediately balance out within 48hours with more members GHing.

The below is some comments from various members and outsiders on GHW forum here

1. Welldone Kylie …comments by datovid

2. Yes, they have paid 10% PH insurance …comments by kylie

3. I don’t really understand the upgrade …comments by Akin52


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