To get more sales and customers, a business must occasionally give people and their existing customers some kind of bonus or bonanza or gifts. In this post, I highlighted various reasons a business gives its customers or likely customer gifts, bonus etal.

Topic: Why you should advertise your product and services

1. Get people’s attention

You need to do something different to get attention of people that will patronize your products, goods and services else, nobody knows your products exist. Giving out promo, bonus, gifts get the attention of people and they will start giving your products some attention.

2. Make popular their product, services

One way to make your products, goods and services more popular among people is to give people the products free, or give bonanza, or win promo, promotions. As illustration, when Big Brother Naija BBN 2017 was on showing, there is this online store called “Payporte” that became a partner of BBN and gave out their products free just to make their brand popular. It definitely worked for them as a lot of sales is now being made on payporte platform just because they became more popular among people via their free gifts of their products to other people.

3. Introduce people to new method or product

It is very natural and normal to see people finding it difficult to change to a new method. One way to make people to change to a new thing, idea or method is to make this new idea free of use for sometime especially when first introduced. I remember when ZOTO airtime recharge first came onboard, it offers free bonus for merely using their app to recharge your phone. This method instantly gave ZOTO thousands to millions of customers which stiill use ZOTO recharge app even though they no longer big bonanza any more.


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