Just like financial institutions like bank that has different banks like JP Morgan, Bank of America, Chase bank, barclays bank, zenith bank, Gtbank, Bank of Ghana, ECObank and so on, the same thing applies as regards bitcoin digital crypto-currency. We have several bitcoin account/wallet managers. Popular ones are “Coinbase”, “Blockchain”, “luno”, “bitstamp” and so on.

Incase you are new to bitcoin, bitcoin is a digital currency that is used to pay for goods, services, online everywhere on the internet. Bitcoin also serves as a measure of value that you can have, store, sell, buy to make profits and other financial transaction. Click here to read more details about bitcoin digital cryptocurrency.

My main reason for this post is to reveal the fact that, blockchain bitcoin has been cheating us by charging extra fees even though you send Btc to another blockchain account. In coinbase, you are not charged any fee when you transfer Btc to another coinbase. You simply transfer via the email of the receiver. Check out how to send Btc on coinbase app 

In this post, I will be explaining 3 reasons why you should manage your bitcoin digital currency with coinbase bitcoin account manager. To open a bitcoin account with coinbase, click here to do so.

1. Coinbase offers new users $10 free bitcoin

For every new user that is invited to use coinbase bitcoin wallet, and performs buy or sell transaction of upto $100 or more, coinbase will give both the new user and the user that invited them $10 worth of bitcoin each. As written on coinbase invite section of the website, it states that: “Once your friend buys or sells $100 or more worth of bitcoin, you will both get $10 free bitcoin into your coinbase bitcoin wallet.”

To open a bitcoin account with coinbase, click here to do so.

2. Coinbase offers the highest bitcoin price

Among all the bitcoin wallet/account managers like blockchain, bitstamp, luno, localbitcoin etc, coinbase price of bitcoin is the highest. You can click here to check the current price of bitcoin of various bitcoin account managers. What I am saying is that, assuming the value of 1bitcoin = $2000 dollars on coinbase, it will be lesser than $2000 dollars on other bitcoin account/wallet manager platform.

To open a bitcoin account with coinbase, click here to do so.

3. Coinbase offers lesser transaction fee

Whenever you are sending or selling your bitcoin, the bitcoin account managers and bitcoin miners charges transaction fees to process your transfer (this is the way they get profits from the bitcoin business). Among all the bitcoin account managers, Coinbase offers the lowest transaction fees. If you are transferring from one coinbase account to another coinbase account, you are charged nothing, and when you are transferring from one coinbase account to a different bitcoin account like that of blockchain, or bitstamp or luno etc, you are charged little fees but still lesser compared to what you are charged when you use blockchain or luno or bitstamp.

There you have it;

You can now see it is better you open a bitcoin account with coinbase than any other bitcoin account manager and if you maintain a bitcoin account elsewhere, you can open a new coinbase account and then transfer your bitcoin money to your coinbase account/wallet.


To open a bitcoin account with coinbase, click here to do so.

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