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We humans often yell against other people about their opinion about us. Like seriously, people often put eyes and mouths in things that does not concern them though most times, it is due to the insecurities of this people that is complaining, but that is story for another day.

I will be talking about humans attitudes or behaviours towards what other people say to them in the short or long run. It is common we quickly rebuff or react in defense of ourselves when people say things against our styles but in the short or long run, what they say do come back to us in thoughts, and we then settle to either change or continue doing our various styles and attitudes.

We react to what people say in three ways namely:

1. Do what they say

We start to shift towards what people say about us or about our attitude, styles, methods.

2. Do against what they say in a more vigorous ways

Because of people incessant comments about us, we continue to do our ways, styles, methods et al., it drives us to even do what they are complaining about in a more vigorous ways.

3. Do what they say in a more vigorous ways

Their comments, or complain make us to even overdo what they were pointing out to us. For example, when people complain about your hair that you should be combing it, you may not end it there after their instructions but start applying creams that will make it curly and very good like that of pastor chris or prophet TB Joshua.

4. Just maintain our behaviours

Their complains does not really move us but we simply continue in the ways, attitudes, styles at which we are used to.

So, there you have it.

Somehow, what people say do affects us as it make us to take a decision among this 4 points.


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