Stigma is disapproval or not satisfied attitude people may have towards a thing. The points below highlights how to fight stigma for your products, services.

1. Don’t beg people to buy your product

Instead of begging people to buy your products, why not persuade them to buy your product by stating the advantages your product have over other products in the market. When you beg, you are putting yourself and product to be badly judged and underrated by the human mind.

2. Be standard

Don’t settle for less. Always be the standard everybody uses to rate a products. For example, Maggi food seasoning is used to describe other food seasoning, same thing

3. Look for investors if necessary

If needed, get investors to invest into your business or products. It is important to start from somewhere, but to stay longer in the market, you will need investors to raise capital, good will for your business.

4. Advertise your products

Do advertisements for your products. NO matter how popular your product is, some people are yet to hear about your product. See my earlier post about why you must advertise below.

Topic: Reasons you must have advertise your products, goods and services


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