Toke makinwa @her book lunch

One advantage of reading books is this:

It gives us avenue to know something without us getting personally involved in it. In other words, books gives us edge over having to put ourselves inside a situation in other to gain personal experience. Always trying to gain personal experience may be too dangerous as you may not be able to live to tell your story or experience.

For example, life itself is like something or event and the people there in are the various players. What books especially about life will help us with is this:

It gives us various explanations about humans behaviours among each other. With this, you have a better chance to do whatever you want to do successfully in life.

One book I want everybody to glance through is this book about power: 48 laws of power;

You can download 48 laws of power via this download link.

It talks about various things to do in other to attain power in life. If you read this book and you practice the various laws, you will certainly attain power anywhere in the world.


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