There are various platforms where you can manage your bitcoin money, one of the popular one is “coinbase“. Another popular one is “Blockchain“, “bitstamp“, “bitfinex“, “btc-e“.

Among all the top bitcoin management platform, bitfinex bitcoin price is the highest while that of btc-e is the lowest, blockchain price is in-between even though everybody thinks it is only on blockchain platform that you can manage(send, store, receive) bitcoin money. This is not true.

Topic: What is bitcoin?

The screenshot below is what bitcoin prices looks like on May 7, 2017 around 8:00am.


To monitor and compare the prices of bitcoin on the various platforms, visit “Compare Bitcoin” on the Answers website via this link.

Where can I buy or sell bitcoin

Via NaijaTech blog, you can buy and sell bitcoin at current prices. The below are the various means you can contact the admin of NaijaTech:


Whatsapp: +2348026083918

Call/Text: +2348136843397

How to create a bitcoin account or wallet

To open a bitcoin account so as to be able to buy, send, store bitcoin money, click here to register with “coinbase”(they offer the best bitcoin services with promo of $10 bonus), for that of blockchain click here.


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