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There are some thing you should know before hand has you prepare to go for your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. In the comment section at the end of this discussion, you can drop comments about anything that you want to know about the NYSC scheme.

Topic: Timetable for NYSC batch A 2017

The below highlights the various stages/process as you go through the NYSC orientation course.

– Preparation before arriving at orientation camp: Carry like Naira 15-20k cash money as you go to camp if possible. Take along passport(white background preferably) like 8copies,originals and like 4 photocopies of your credentials like Call up letter, green card letter, statement of result/certificate of your school graduation,School ID card if any, of any level. Go with additional white top, white shorts, tennis shoes, cooler to collect kitchen food, bucket to bath or you buy in camp market popular called Maami market.

– When you arrive at camp: At the gate,entrance, you may need to show the security your call up letter, they check your bags, before you proceed towards being registered. Hostel is one of the first thing you will be allocated to.

– Registration: You will go through screening where your credentials will be checked before you proceed to where you will be allocated state code which confirms you came to camp and registered. You will be given your cloths,kits,boots,crested vest, white tennis shoes,cap,belt after registration and also given meal ticket to pick food in the kitchen.

– Other documentations: You will fill all kind of forms, entries, book of life, opening of bank account that your monthly allowance will be paid into. You don’t need to panic or over anxious, simply make sure, you listen to various instructions, don’t be left, carry yourself along.

You will be divided into platoons based on the last digit of your state code number. We have from 1 – 10 platoons. number 0 is allocated 10 platoon and so on for other numbers(Number 10 platoon carried last in most of the activities during my nysc batch orientation programme, lol).

You will engage in various activities based on platoons. We have activities like Match parade/drill competition, Man O War activity, Mr Macho and Mrs NYSC, cooking competition, Dance competition, Drama competition, football, volleyball,

You will also attend various lectures on all kind of subject matter like “Lecture on drug abuse”, How to conduct teaching/teaching orientation, SAED(Skill and Entrepreneurship Development) where you pick any area you like and get trained on it during the course of the camping period and you can proceed even after camp.

You may need to socialize(meet all kind of people), choose your interest in various activities like drama, dancing, match parade etc.

Sleep, Wake up, Eat, play, have fun, mingle with other people, collect contacts, spend money in maami market, buy foods, wears, items, things you need, waist bag, books, and all kinds of things.

At the end of the orientation, you will be posted to various local government to do your PPA(Primary Place of Assignment), CDS(Community Development Service), meet people,impact people etc.

What NEXT after ORIENTATION camp activities

After you are through with orientation, you will be posted to various local government areas in the state where you are to report/resume for duty in your Primary Place of Assignment(PPA), it could be schools, companies, government parastatals and so on.

I want to advice on your PPA.

When you are posted to private schools for example, you may be paid compared to public schools where they rarely pay corpers all over Nigeria. One thing about private schools is that, you will definitely work for the pay they are giving you. They would even want to overuse you for more than the pay.

If you are the type that loves travelling about, flexing, not tied in one place, don’t accept to stay in private schools you would be posted to. To reject yourself, simply meet the school management to reject you, by ticking rejected on your posting letter, after which you will carry your posting letter back to your LGI(local government Inspector), where they will now give you opportunity to look for PPA by yourself. I will advise you choose public schools. Reason being that in public schools, you will not be overworked, you will be able to travel, move around, explore, and you will not be paid by the public school.

Conducts of NYSC members as regards their PPA

If you are the type that does not want to stay in your PPA, you must have a backup for you, because if you think you can do what you like and go scot free, you are joking. If there is misconduct, you will be given “query”, and if you answer to your query and your offense is quite big, and your reasons are not satisfactory to the lgi and disciplinary committee, you will be given punishment. One of the punishment is your service year extension by months after your colleague would have served and gone back home. If you must do what you like, you should have backings from the top like your LGI(local government inspectors), NYSC state secretariat OGAs and so on else, you are On Your Own(OYO) and that is not good.


I will stop at this point but if you have any questions, share it below in the comment section and it will be attended to.


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